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Comic #166

To my many GFE fans,

Recently I was hospitalized requiring an emergency gall bladder surgery, which pretty much side tracked chapter 3 for now.

I will be recouperating for another 6 to 8 weeks before getting back to the story. I am not going to be doing very much except healing during this time so nothing new will be posted about GFE for the time being. The website will remain up for everyone to continue to enjoy reading.

I will be cutting GFE's advertising and maintenance budgets to the bare minimums since for the next few weeks my income is uncertain and I attempt to keep the site maintenence costs down, while applying for temporary disability to cover other bills I have.

I am grateful for all of the moral support I have received since rebooting GFE in mid 2012 and thankful for my loyal readers without which GFE could not have continued for as long as it has.

Rest assured GFE will return to complete chapter 3 and the visitors will continue to entertain you well beyond that.

For now tell your friends about GFE, more readers keep this thing alive.

Sincerest Regards,

David Higgins

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