Reading the cliffs notes on Plato’s Republic(been a while since I read the book) and from the looks of things those shouting for democracy playing into a mistaken belief that it is the best system when it is in fact the 4th level of degradation in politics by its original meaning. It goes Aristocracy>Timocracy>Oligarchy>Democracy>Tyranny.
More often than not people of today confuse the terms of Aristocracy with Oligarchy
Key differences being Aristocracy is a utopian perfection where government is under rule of the philosopher and where anyone can rule as a philosopher despite their caste if they are born to do so wealth being irrelevant, but around the middle ages the definition was forgotten and confused with rule by an elite class through wealth which was actually Oligarchy.
Commonly those in such Oligarchies were mistakenly termed “Aristocrats” so the label stuck making Socrates notion of Aristocracy looked bad based on popular opinion.
In between the two existed a form of government known as Timocracy where only the property owner decides what is best and may degrade into Oligarchy making those of wealth in property the leaders–this is how Monarchies happen.
Democracy–now that gets rather dirty in practice. Rule by the majority comes once Timocracy devolves into Oligarchy and the Oligarchy is then ousted or overthrown. It doesn’t mean the majority is right necessarily sometimes the majority are often idiots driven by fear and thus choose to oppress the minority for a false sense of fairness.
Democracy easily leads to tyranny, such a simple practice of rule by fear whether a lone dictator, or a group in control make their own laws and expect complete compliance.
This is where our founders came in having read and understood the original definitions in Plato’s Republic, they knew no government was perfect.
No Government would ever come to meet the standards of the Aristocratic utopia Socrates envisioned. Rule of the people had it’s appeals if you were in the majority, class rule had its appeals if you owned land, hell a few folks even wanted a king, for certain very few wanted a tyrant unless they were the one being the tyrant.
So what can a society do?
They cannot trust themselves–this becomes glaringly obvious. Instead of rule by humans they decide on an option outside of that where rule of law determines government…it’s not perfect either, but it’s amendable…slowly. We call this system a Constitutional Republic. It is still in place, but often ignored for those who side with Tyraninsts, Democrats, Oligarchs, and Timocratists. Some like to call themselves Republicans, Liberals, Independents, Greens etc., but all fall into one of those 4 categories of errant belief that humans not laws should rule.

Those laws are determined by humans under our system certainly, but the reason change is so slow is purposeful–it gives us time to see the possible drawbacks, and because sometimes the people don’t get it right immediately.

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